#8 – the found circle

Isn’t it nice when we just ‘happen across’ something that is more-or-less perfect for a purpose?

This little cotton/linen doily came as part of a mixed lot of old linens that I dyed some time ago. I found it while rummaging for fabrics in this colour palette, and thought it would make a good addition to the collection. I’ve stitched it down to a cotton background, eco-dyed by Arlee, and then just added a couched yarn to conceal the seam between the linen centre and the crocheted edging. This circle measures about 5″ in diameter.

Sometimes a moment of peace is already there, waiting. You just have to know it when you find it.

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7 Responses to #8 – the found circle

  1. Penny says:

    This doily is only peaceful for a moment, after all she is all dolled up and ready for a night on the town! Oh, and she is dyed beautifully….love that colour.

    • Karen Turner says:

      That’s the colour that results when I mix all the yellow/blue/red left over from a dye session. I don’t understand why they call it ‘mud’. I’ve had some of my favourite colours this way.

  2. the sun has yet to pop over our Sandia Mountains, birds are singing songs to the morning, i’m sipping my coffee and poof! my breath is taken away by this
    thing of beauty!
    how long had that doily been waiting to become what you
    helped it to be? the textures, colors, shapes . . . all descriptive of
    what peace is.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thank you, Cristina. Your morning sounds very peaceful… I don’t know how old this little doily is – maybe 30, 40, maybe older? Just goes to show that every piece of fabric has its day. This has already had one life, and is now enjoying the start of a whole new one. Have a happy day 🙂

  3. Sweetpea says:

    I had a few little hairs stand up on the back of my neck as I read this post. Last weekend I scored a round doily (very similar to this one) at a thrift shop for only a few pennies and I thought, what if I tea dye this, cut out the center (leaving only the lacy edging) and mount it onto something that shows it off? And here you’ve done it.

    Don’t think this is the first time I’ve had this kind of serendipity with you, is it…

    I hope it is ok to link back to your post if I actually get around to accomplishing this? Gives more meaning to blogging *circles* – cross continents, as we are :>]

    • Karen Turner says:

      Ha! Great minds think alike 🙂
      Look forward to seeing what happens to your little found stray… and of course, feel free to link.
      This happens to me all the time… I have a ‘great idea’ only to find someone else already doing it beautifully…

  4. Rachel says:

    Sometimes there’s an idea just floating in the air and several people pick it up. Now with blogging we notice it!

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