#14: the cross-quartered circle

Another very simple variation: hand-pieced over paper, 3.5″ diameter. Batik and rust-dyed cotton fabrics on linen ground; viscose yarn couched around the edge.

Not quite half-way to the required 36 moments of peace – 22 still to find.  But there is quite a nice little pile of completed squares/circles now, which is very encouraging. A pile of peace. Not to be confused with a pile of peas, which is quite a different thing.

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14 Responses to #14: the cross-quartered circle

  1. suzy quaife says:

    The piles of peace will bring a lot of peace when it all comes together!
    Love the rusted fabric with the dyed Batik they somehow seem complementary!

    • Karen Turner says:

      It always amazes me how two totally different fabrics from different times and places meet up and are so perfect together. Just like finding your soul-mate in a world full of people, I guess.

  2. Jill says:

    I am so tempted to do something similar – the focus of pieces of peace is a wonderful idea and so suited to this medium, stitching is such a meditative process – just loving all of these 🙂

    • Karen Turner says:

      go ahead, Jill. I’d love to see what you make. The very act of stitching these pieces has enabled me to understand a lot more about peace – more of that later.

  3. Eva says:

    Very earthy, very profound — again. Four seasons in the circle of a year. Four directions within the horizon. To me, you reveal philosophy through stitching!

    • Karen Turner says:

      Well… I do think a lot, Eva – I’m a Sagittarian, and we spend a lot of our time philosophising 😉
      Often what I think isn’t in words, just colours and shapes. Thank you for seeing what I mean.

  4. Jennie says:

    Karen you seem to work so fast…………its beautiful.

  5. Penny says:

    Karen, this one made me think of the North american Indian symbol for the four directions except they use specifically white, red, yellow and black which also represent the four races of man, the four seasons.

  6. Jan Marriott says:

    I’m enjoying this series…always something subtly new.

  7. tina slipper says:

    hiya! been too busy stitchin to blog but I had to see wot you are doing:— pile of peas–looking very good!!!!

  8. deb says:

    Freshly podded peas – yum! Love 14, and 13.

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