#18 – the shadow applique circle

My favourite so far, I think.

Silk organza over 2.5″ circle of loose-weave cotton print. It’s always a little disconcerting how a photograph of work seems to show up imperfections in a way that the actual work doesn’t. I see from the picture that the outline circles are not quite right, and yet they look fine on the real thing. Not that I’m unhappy about that – I actually prefer the uneven appearance of hand stitches.  I just hadn’t noticed until I saw the picture. The base cloth is hand-dyed cotton canvas.

I really like the effect that the silk organza gives: something like a misty morning in the autumn, or frost on a lake. I’d like to do some more with this technique, I think, but not just yet. I have a lot of work in progress at present and am feeling a little overwhelmed by it. ‘One stitch at a time,’ I tell myself, ‘and it will all be fine.’ ‘I only have two hands and they’re both very tired,’ my self replies. Myself and I are not on particularly good terms today. There may be some strike action.

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20 Responses to #18 – the shadow applique circle

  1. Maggi says:

    A very gentle piece. I really like it.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I love the softness of this circle. Yes, I think perhaps your otherself may need a “time out”.:-) I see no imperfections, just beautiful hand stitches.

  3. Beverley says:

    Maybe you need to do something very different and relaxing?

  4. Eva says:

    How amazing! The illusion of a shadow on a tiny round window is compelling. I wouldn’t have seen any irregularities without your hint — the center keeps me busy.

  5. Victoria 21 says:

    Handmade work often carries imperfections, that is the beauty of this type of work. Machines make perfect work because they are set to do so but surely things that are perfect are not real. There is no such thing as true beauty as it is the slight imperfections that make something beautiful.

  6. Chris Gray says:

    ..not a strike…

    …a time for reflection….

    …who knows what may come of it 🙂

  7. Rachel says:

    The misty effect of the silk organza is delightful.
    I, too, have noticed that photos seem to emphasize even the tiniest imperfections, but have decided that only imperfections that are clearly noticeable from a metre away will be corrected!

  8. handmade is unique…there are no mistakes…….not be so hard on your self and maybe do something else for a change and just be free and have funxxlynda

    • Karen Turner says:

      I should point out that I’m not at all unhappy with the imperfect circle. I just thought it was interesting that a photograph made me more aware of it than the real thing…

  9. Jan Marriott says:

    not imperfect to me…that’s what gives it charm

  10. Amanda says:

    Very elegant.

  11. sally jo says:

    So soft and really wonderful in design.

  12. helen salo says:

    Life is not perfect. You have created a new circle to add to your piece and that is perfect enough. Creating should not be stressful. 🙂

  13. flaming nora says:

    Well I noticed it but thought it was on purpose. You should keep quiet about these things! I love the fact I felt as though I was looking at a black and white photo of it, and had to keep reminding my self, no this is how it should be.

  14. deb says:

    I like this one too! Simple and elegant.

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