I hung it up in the workroom.

Layered sheers are almost impossible to photograph because the light changes the colour, depending on your angle and viewpoint. Depending on your perspective, in fact. Ha.

The central circle measures about 21″ in diameter; the whole quilt is about 35″ square.

I learned a lot with this one. I learned about time, and how it’s all relative. I learned about being in the sky and dreaming,

and being on the ground. Being grounded. Coming down to earth.

I learned how you can layer purple nylon chiffon over dark green and get the colour of a winter field. How thread holds and strengthens, how it gives body to those weightless fabrics that are hardly there. And how versatile different fabrics can be, how willing they are to help, how easily they sit together no matter where they come from originally. Isn’t that what peace is about?

There are a couple more pictures of this one on flickr, if you’re interested. Today I’m doing a little ‘in-between’ work. More of that later.

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26 Responses to Perspective

  1. wow..all that learning and creating something so beautifulxx

  2. a most welcoming view/perspective than what we
    have here in New Mexico (fires, 8 as of yesterday) and lots
    of smoke. lots. as far as the eye can see.
    looking at your piece gives the feeling of being
    way up high within a blue sky, looking down upon
    a vast healthy landscape! :* )

    • Karen Turner says:

      Fire and smoke, so destructive and so uncontrollable… sorry to hear about the trouble in your part of the world, Cristina. We have enough rain to put out several fires.

  3. Lenka Štrosová says:

    Wa, it is lovely peace . Thank you.

  4. cathie says:

    Truly a special “cloth” this is turning out to be. So, lovely. So, magical. Opens up a wide forum for perspective AND interpretation. Well done.

  5. Rebecca Rapport says:

    Your quilting work is so mindful and beautifully executed!

  6. Lynn says:

    It seems that the viewer is looking through an invisible magnifying glass held up over the piece. Such an interesting effect!

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Lynn. That’s kind of the effect I wanted, juxtaposing the near and the distant. I like your magnifying glass analogy very much.

  7. Maggi says:

    I love this piece, even without being able to see the subtleties of the layering. There is such a wonderful sense of perspective in that beautiful patchwork of fields.

  8. deanna7trees says:

    beautiful piece. love all the dimension in that circle.

  9. jude says:

    this is really terrific.

  10. flaming nora says:

    It looks great finished, the work in progress photos just couldn’t show the enormity of the piece. It reminds me of something, but I can’t think of what. Which is good. It will give me something to ponder about! I’ll let you know if I work it out!

  11. jane says:

    This is beautiful. It makes me think of the little image you see in a raindrop on a window pane, although I think that would be upside down. Small but perfect against a blurrier background

  12. Jude Whaites says:

    This is wonderful. I like “Lynn’s comment” re the magnifying glass, a perfect analogy. With all the sheers over the top it must give the effect of an ever changing landscape.

    • Karen Turner says:

      It’s difficult to tell what season it’s supposed to be, Jude – I guess that was intentional, though I hadn’t thought about it until now. That’s exactly what I love about sheers and semi-sheers – the way they hold, absorb and reflect light.

  13. Penny says:

    This is beautiful — peaceful but with movement. Ethereal but solid. I love it!!!

  14. deemallon says:

    beautiful piece… it seems like a culmination of recent explorations. also love your thoughts about it and the process of making it… thanks for sharing those.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Dee. I get that feeling too – that this is a kind of culmination. There are another three ‘peace’ quilts ready to stitch, and after that, I think it may be the end.

  15. Janice says:

    Karen, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about it – the sky, the quilting, the colours, the perspective…. And SO peaceful!

  16. Rachel says:

    Fabulous. A great sense of space and air!

  17. sally jo says:

    This is so lovely that I hardly know what to say. This is surely peace – oh how I wish for it to be true.

  18. aracne says:

    This is an incredible piece of art. I can see the work of creation, the succeeding steps that took you here. I imagine that there were moments of uncertainity, asking yourself: what, now? seeing blank in search of inspiration, then taking your needle, confident and relaxed because you could SEE the next step…Am I wrong?

    • Karen Turner says:

      Thanks, Aracne. There were many moments of uncertainty. There was also a bit of unpicking and some bad decisions that had to be undone, and I was stuck on the foreground for a long time. But you’re right – I could usually see just the next step, without knowing where that step would lead. I’m still learning to trust that process of continuing even when I don’t know where it’s going. You make it sound very easy and happy, and I prefer your version to mine 🙂

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