The final four

I can hardly believe it, but here we are. They’re all done. The finalists:

#34 – the painted grid:

This is a 2″ circle of rug canvas, painted with acrylics and stitched to hand-dyed linen damask.

#35 – the old time circle:

2″ circle of wool felt, layered with frayed evenweave linen, with a vintage watch face applied. Since this quilt is about time, it seemed like a good idea to include something quite literal.

#36 – the mended circle:

2.5″ circle cut from Arlee‘s eco-dyed cotton; layered and ‘mended’ along the seam. If only we could mend time in the same way.

And, finally, #37 – yes, 37. Actually, this is #19, a replacement for the 3-D circle, which just didn’t look right in the end. #37(19!) is the holey circle:

A collection of fabrics in which there were already a variety of holes, cut and patched into a 3″ circle. Holes in worn fabrics are as inevitable as the lines on our faces as we age. I think of holes and rends on cloth as evidence of a long and productive life, and I like to preserve them wherever possible.

There are holes in time, too. If you have been with me from the beginning on this, you will know that these circles will be joined together to form a sampler quilt. Each circle a moment of time, a moment of peace, a small oasis of calm.  Progress so far is good:

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23 Responses to The final four

  1. Jill says:

    Brilliant! – congratulations too 🙂

  2. karen says:

    wonderful!! I especially like the mended circle and the holey circle.

  3. Amo says:

    Well done on your achievement! It was great fun following you.

  4. Jan Marriott says:

    also like the mended circle. When I first looked this morning (6.15) I mis read ‘the final hour’….rather grim, so I was happy to click and read the proper text.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Ha! it has felt a bit like the final hour at times, Jan… it’s been a long process, and I’m very glad to be nearing the end of it!

  5. maggi21 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed following the progress of these circles too. An oasis of calm in a hectic world.

  6. Rachel says:

    I do like your watch face. Of course it’s logical to have one somewhere in the quilt…. Is it enamelled, do you think?

  7. Sue says:

    Wonderful, I like the holey worn one as well, and the snippet of the whole sampler 🙂
    Sue Xxx

  8. serena says:

    very very well done!

  9. love each and every one but the holey – Holy? – circle is wonderful, as is the inevitiblity of holes and wrinkles. C’est la vie!

  10. Dan R says:


  11. Sally jo says:

    It has been a fun journey – and I really love the holey one and the mended one (fabric so beautiful).

  12. Karen Turner says:

    Thank you all for travelling with me. I’ve enjoyed the process of thinking about and making these.

  13. The Journey has been time well spent. It is gorgeous Karenxx Congrats on finishing it..quite a labour of love. Woulkd love to see it for be one of these days! lyndax

  14. Penny says:

    Congratulations!!! All of these thoughtful, beautiful, moments in time.

  15. Eve says:

    Congratulations! – Look forward to seeing them all together – the glimpse looks tantalising. What a variety of circles, processes and ideas.

  16. Janice says:

    The painted grid looks exactly like woven bars on hardanger. But Karen doesn’t do hardanger, I thought… and then I read your description! Like several of the other commenters, I love the reference to wear and tear / long and productive lives. Such a variety of circles, and each with its own story to tell. 🙂

  17. blandina says:

    I can not believe my eyes, it is more beautiful than I had anticipated in my wildest thoughts.
    Congratulations, you are a very fine artist.

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