In the beginning, this one was called ‘Solitude’, but it became something else.

I’m thinking ‘Communion’. A joining of two Latin-derived words: ‘com’ [with] and ‘unus’ [one]. The way this cloth listened so patiently during its construction makes ‘solitude’ something of an injustice. It was never alone, and neither was I.

It took some effort of will not to fill all those background squares with something. As the cloth listened to me, I listened to the cloth. It needed empty spaces. Time and space; sometimes I think they are the same thing.

Thanks for the good wishes to our family.

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10 Responses to Communion

  1. Lynda says:

    This piece suits it’s name.x my thoughts are with you xx

  2. Suzanna says:

    What a beautiful cloth…the name works well with it…love and peace to you and your family, Karen.

  3. Bea says:

    Beautiful! The simplicity of the grid emphasises the subtlety of the circle – supporting each other and not competing – true communion. Love and prayers for you all. x

  4. Janice says:

    So sorry to hear about your bad news, Karen.
    This quilt is absolutely gorgeous. It seems you think of your quilts as friends.

  5. Rachel says:

    It’s important to listen to the pieces you work on – clearly you have that gift!

  6. blandina says:

    The first time that I read: ‘listen to the cloth’ I was first surprised and then amazed: yes, it made sense. Calling this new piece of art Communion is a happy intuiton; now that I think about it there have been knits that I made when I was worried, frustraded, angry. Working with my hands helped easing the tension, my work was part of the moment, part of me.
    A great post, I love when a post makes me stop, think and feel.

    • Karen Turner says:

      I think most things will talk to you if you take the time to listen ๐Ÿ™‚
      Making things takes time, and time is what your life is made of – so part of your life unavoidably ends up in the finished thing.

  7. emmaolju says:

    superbe blog que le tien tu fais des merveilles bisesssssss

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