Fragments of thoughts, fragments of information, fragments of ideas… everything just a part of something else, part of a bigger picture.  The scale of a thing indicating the importance of its parts. In the great scheme of things, in the whole glorious vista of life on planet earth, it doesn’t really matter that one member of the corporate world doesn’t appreciate the skill in a decorative object.

So I continue to move things on, trying to find new homes for small souls. I uncovered these little samples recently:

fragment of silk ribbon embroidery on gold dupion silk

silk ribbon/aerophane embroidery sample

These are little samples I made a while ago – last year, I think – just sampling some eighteenth century techniques. Aerophane embroidery is a bit like ribbon embroidery, but you use strips of silk chiffon instead of silk ribbon, so you get a much more substantial three-dimensional effect.

ribbon/aerophane sample

They are available here. I wondered if anyone might like to add them into a crazy patchwork block, or make a little book cover out of them. I give a lot of work away, but sometimes I have to sell it, and there’s no getting away from that.

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16 Responses to Fragments

  1. Chris Gray says:

    I’ve always love the word “Fragments”!!

    Evocative……Interesting……hinting at things past (well to me anyway!)

    I have a rather large sketchbook/ideas book entitled “Fragments” ….with many bits just waiting to be born into “something”….


  2. Penny B says:

    They deserve a good home. As I read the words “fragmented thoughts” came to mind. Think that might be a title for my diary/journalling piece I want to do! Thanks Karen!

  3. Jan Marriott says:

    aerophane…thats new to me,

  4. Rachel says:

    They are delightful, and I’m sure they will find a good home!

  5. Lenka Štrosová says:

    your fragments are so delicate. Don´t think about real estate agent ! Her world is in another space …
    beautiful weekend to you !

  6. helen salo says:

    Don’t apologize for selling instead of giving away. Your work is stunning. I’d buy them all if our bloody dollar wasn’t half as much as a Euro. Maybe someday soon they’ll get a bit closer together. 😦

    • Karen Turner says:

      I know, I had to check something for someone today and I was quite shocked to find that £26 works out at about $45. Bad time for Americans to buy from the UK, I guess. But thanks for the thought 🙂

  7. Lynda says:

    bad time for money all around l think sadly! L too love the word fragments and love your! x lynda

  8. karen says:

    beautiful little works of art…..definitely ones to be treasured.

  9. serenapotter says:

    karen did i or did i not tell you to start a flickr group of that strange fruit you found last year…..look at this

    hehehehe you were way ahead of your time.

    • Karen Turner says:

      DOH! That could have been me!
      Should have taken your excellent advice 😉

      • serenapotter says:

        lol. i think it’s more so everything is the next big thing. it’s all about marketing 🙂 but ah what a career. vegeophile, fruitophile. i’m not sure you’d necessarily want it….now perhaps if you created distorted fruit and veg stitched works that were really a commentary on our worlds sick and twisted view of healthy food and our constant desire to mask freshness with packaged, processed and trademarked items.

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