the beginning of the end

The last of the quilts in the ‘sense of peace’ series is under way and I hope might be finished by the end of the week.

More squares; a piece of patchwork in quiet whites and pastels. Fields, seen from above; space and time, divided into days, weeks, months, years. The boundaries of history, blocks of time and the edges of time. Something to look back on.  And some reverse applique giving a glimpse of the time beneath:

And, of course, the beginnings of a circle:

Because the end is really just another beginning.

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8 Responses to the beginning of the end

  1. karen says:

    ”quiet whites”, lovely phrase….

  2. Rachel says:

    Gentle colours and interesting thoughts…

  3. love this but also love the last sentence..very true.x

  4. helen salo says:

    I always compliment your stitching, but I must also mention you always have the best words to accompany your work!! Love it!

  5. jude says:

    i particularly like the last photo where the corner disappeared.

  6. julochka says:

    love the thoughts on these…i’ve often (from a plane), thought that the world below looked like a quilt. but layering time onto that is profound indeed.


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