The magic basket

This is my spare-time-and-evenings work.

No matter how much I stitch, it never seems to get any emptier.

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7 Responses to The magic basket

  1. Chris Gray says:

    …of course not!

    …it’s always in a state of “readiness”….

    …for the next project 🙂

  2. Lenka Štrosová says:

    I know this situation 🙂
    I´m afraid it will never be better …but i love my projekts ( like a feather for Judy just now ).

  3. arlee says:

    that damned fabric fairy 🙂

  4. I have one like that that our “Alf” fills up every night for me…with me never seeing him!! lyndax

  5. tina says:

    clearly, a box of delights!

  6. julochka says:

    it’s so neat, i can’t believe it. i love peeks like this into another’s creative process. and magic really does come out of that basket.


  7. Rachel says:

    Looks familiar – although neater than mine, I admit!

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