Paint and stitch

Here is one of the little pieces of linen I painted at the weekend:

With a little layering and stitching, it can be integrated into a small textured landscape:

A very happy birthday today to my mum, who likes poppies.

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20 Responses to Paint and stitch

  1. Amanda says:

    Very cute!

  2. sartenada says:

    Wel done. I love the final result.

  3. Jeannie says:

    Your Mom will love it. I also love poppies and you did a beautiful job. Best Wishes to your Mum!

    • Victoria 22 says:

      Thank you for your wishes Jeannie! I have always loved poppies – they are so bright and colourful yet they also remind us of the terrible sufferings during the First World War. To me they are a symbol of reconciliation and hope for peace.


  4. Sue says:


  5. Rachel says:

    Delightful – and Happy Birthday to your Mum as well!

  6. Viv says:

    What a lovely little landscape and thoughtful gift for your mum. I love poppies too!!

  7. emmaolju says:

    j adore ce que tu realises tes coaquelicots sont sublime je ne sais ps comment tu les as faits mais bravo bisesssssssssssss

  8. Penny says:

    I love the contrast of the paler colors and the bright red poppies. A perfect gift for your very special Mum!

  9. Loralei says:

    Very beautiful work indeed- and the love you put into it shines right through!! Warm wishes from afar to your mum on her special day…

  10. serenapotter says:

    happy birthday to your mom! I hope she has a fabulous day!
    i like this technique….how does the color hold to washing?

    • Karen Turner says:

      Not at all! Care label would say ‘do not ever get it wet, do not place in direct sunlight (and never feed after midnight)’
      I figured if it was just decorative, it wouldn’t matter. Time will tell!
      And thanks, mum is looking well and has had a good day.

  11. Victoria 22 says:

    Thank you Karen for my beautiful poppy quilt – I love it!!! As always your work looks much better ‘for real’ than in a photo – I so wish all of you could see Karen’s work close at hand, it would be a real treat for you! Thank you to the kind people who have sent good wishes for my birthday – very much appreciated.


  12. annie! says:

    Happy Birthday Mum! How blessed you are to have such a wonderful artist daughter!

  13. twhich aye says:

    your pieces remind of the countryside… peace and beauty.
    your mom and my 3rd son share a birth anniversary 🙂
    happy birthday karen’s mum!

  14. deemallon says:

    MORE beautiful poppies… I love the integration of painted scraps… works so well here.

  15. Janice says:

    Lovely! Belated happy birthday to your mum!

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