Moving on

A change is as good as a rest, but a rest is even better. I took some time out to have a really good sort-out, clearing out my workroom, moving on all the things I no longer need. Phase One is complete, but there is still a long way to go. I’m amazed by how much I’ve given away and at how little extra space has been created as a result. However, clearing some clutter really does help you see better, and I think I know where I’m going. Tidying also helps you see where you’ve been. I came across the Dream Spinner cloth book, parcelled up in paper on the bookshelf and saw that it was time to do something about that.

I made it a box out of scraps of mountboard and stiff card, covered with newspaper for extra strength, then covered with tissuetex. The inside is lined with paper and felt.

It measures about 12″ x 9″ x 3″ or so, and the folded cloth book fits inside it quite nicely.

At last it looks as if it belongs here. Tomorrow I’ll show you some more treasures from the past.

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16 Responses to Moving on

  1. Els says:

    Aaaaah Karen, how lovely!!! This is a beautiful way to “end” your Dream Spinner!!! A worthy end!
    (great to see it again)
    But there are more interesting books standing next to it …..

  2. Rachel says:

    How lovely to get the box finished and looking so good!

  3. Penny B says:

    Perfect, Karen! Stopping and sorting through things always ends in wonderful finds doesn’t it.

    • Karen Turner says:

      I was truly astounded by some of the things I found, Penny… things I didn’t know I had. And if you didn’t know you had it, you surely don’t need it!

  4. Penny says:

    What a perfectly lovel solution! I wonder if it is the time of the year – for I have been going through everything – not only my studio but the whole house. I have bags and bags sitting here waiting for my trip to the thrift store donation center. It feels so good – to both pass along things I no longer need (and I have to admit with some of them I wonder why I acquired them to begin with). My mantra for this past week has been ‘let the sort begin’.

  5. MoF says:

    As the door is in the book, and the book is in a box does this make it a portable door? (Title of a v. funny book by friend of ours Tom Holt).

  6. Everyone has said what l wanted to l will say..glad you started to clear your studio out…when you have finished..fancy coming to do mine?xxxlynda

  7. Bea says:

    Glad to see you back!

  8. blandina says:

    I like the idea of making a box that looks like a book, if only I was able to do that!
    How good it feels to get rid of stuff we do not need any more. I have done the same when I stepped into my new life, and never regretted a single piece that I gave away.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Reallly very easy – just make a box with three sides instead of four, and a cover that reaches over the remaining side… This is just scraps of canvas board and thick card. Have a go with something smaller 🙂

  9. Sally jo says:

    Welcome back- wish I had also been cleaning up. Your shelf looks great and I like your nice storage idea.

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