A quilt

I started this last week, having woken up one morning with the title already in place. The patchwork moon is 15″ in diameter and is cut from various hand-dyed fabrics, hand-pieced over paper. I don’t know what size the quilt is; I haven’t measured it yet. All I know is that it’s as big as it needs to be. Unusually for me, I am using batting in this one: a real, proper quilt, though not one that will be functional.

More on this as it grows.

Have a safe and peaceful weekend.

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14 Responses to A quilt

  1. Loralei says:

    This is stunning- I love the colors!

  2. Connie Rose says:

    It’s so beautiful. How do you manage the hand work with batting? Have a good weekend.

  3. annie! says:

    Functional in the sense that it will add so much beauty to your life!

  4. Sweetpea says:

    Such yummy colors in this, K, can’t wait to see the *big reveal* when finished. This moon is so like our real moon, a combination of many points of light & dark…

    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. bwilliams says:

    Such a wonderful combining of hues…encircled squares blended so subtly…nice

  6. My favourite colors … good Moon …

  7. Eva says:

    A subtle water-color painting!

  8. it is beautifully subtle and yet shouts at you. gorgeous work. I too like the idea ..it as big as it needs to be”. happy quilting and a happy warm weekend. xxlynda

  9. Jennie says:

    Amazing Karen x

  10. helen salo says:

    Awe inspiring , as always!

  11. Rachel says:

    It’s looking lovely and peaceful – well done!

  12. Loralei says:

    Karen, I’ve had trouble responding to your comment on my blog, but wanted to thank you for your compliment; I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work, and sharing more of mine 🙂

  13. Beautiful! At one point in time, I wanted to try everything I saw that was related to quilting, such as hand dying fabrics, doing sun prints, etc. Right now, I’m content to just do what I do best which is rag quilting, with a little traditional and hand quilting thrown in for good measure. Keep up the good work. It’s fantastic!

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