Sampling (3)

Another sample, this time echoing some of the aerial patterns formed by neolithic burial grounds. Interestingly, these are very similar to the cup-and-ring marks found on rocks and stones.

Stitched area is again about 8″ x 10″; the central panel is quilted and applied to a border made from scraps directly applied to calico backing.

The red curves are cut from hand-dyed crushed velvet – the cheap, synthetic stretchy kind. The kind that I thought I would never use, and yet here it is looking perfectly comfortable and at home. Hey ho.

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20 Responses to Sampling (3)

  1. tina says:

    you know what they say-home is where the heart is- and all cloth is treasure.

  2. Maggi says:

    This new series is evolving in a beautiful way. Glad the velvet found its place, it looks good.

  3. suzy says:

    I just love the way you have put these pieces together and how they flow with the gorgeous
    hand stitching over the top!
    It is so rich!

  4. This is wonderful, there is something really organic about the form, love it.

  5. jenclair says:

    I love the visual and tactile texture you create!

  6. annie! says:

    I’m loving this series. You’re opening up a whole new world.

  7. Henrietta says:

    I really like the circular movement/motion that is working here. The spirals have a spin. Hey Ho too.

  8. Amanda says:

    We have quite a few barrows in the fields around us. It’s a bit like living in a pond with ripples when they have been ploughed around!

  9. Rachel says:

    Even the oddest of fabrics can find it’s place!

  10. Sally Jo says:

    karen, i love these neolithic symbols and burial grounds cloths. i had the pleasure of visiting stone henge years ago, and new grange in ireland during the winter solstice about 8 years ago. love your circle quilting and the patches reminds me of what might have become of the surrounding lands as they were farmed by successive cultures of people.

  11. Penny B says:

    Just imagine what our forefathers who carved those symbols are thinking of them being recreated in red velvet!

  12. blandina says:

    You are full of surprises, you are opening my mind to new possibilities in almost every post. Have you ever thought of writing a book on fabric manipulation according to your personal style?

    • Karen Turner says:

      There are so many books already out there; I don’t think I’d have anything new to add. But thank you for thinking that thought!

  13. Els says:

    Mmmmm that velvet looks gorgeous !

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