Drawing can be a word meaning ‘gathering’ – as in drawing disparate things together – as well as a word meaning make an image with a pencil. I really like words that work this hard, words that draw together many meanings at the same time.

So I’m stopping to draw breath – ha – and to look at some enlarged photocopies of the stitched samples I’ve made so far. I’ve drawn into some of them with a pencil in places where the images were a little indistinct.

There’s something deceptively profound about very simple marks. I guess because they’re so loosely defined, they become more open to personal interpretation. I wonder what images and ideas our stone-carving ancestors had in their heads when they made these marks on the rocks around them.

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9 Responses to drawing

  1. Rachel says:

    And by photocopying your embroidery you seem to get still another perspective on it, as well… Much food for thought!

  2. Penny says:

    Hi Karen — Blogger wouldn’t let me answer your question on my own blog so I’ll slip a note to you in here. The time frame for the bracelets is a little difficult to pin down because I work on three at a time and do it in bits and pieces but I’d say rough guess is about a total of 2 hours per bracelet.

    I love this concept of photocopying your work and then drawing over it.

  3. MoF says:

    This whole concept reminds me of the cave paintings at Lascaux.

  4. sally jo says:

    Yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the Lascaux Cave painting. Your enlarge drawings really are wonderful – very graphic and quite beautiful.

  5. Linda D. says:

    Beautifully drawn. I love maps and contour drawings, always have, no idea why. Probably because, like your drawings, they allow the imagination to picture landscapes I may never see.

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