It had to be done. That drawing was just demanding to be patchwork. Hand pieced silk and cotton over freezer paper templates – and very fiddly.

When it has legs it will be going somewhere.

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15 Responses to Animal

  1. annie! says:

    It’s ALREADY going somewhere. How awesome is that?!? As in…FAR OUT!

  2. lacativad says:

    It’s wonderful right now…didn’t miss the legs because I thought he was wading through deep snow.

  3. Loralei says:

    I love it!! Can’t wait to see where he is going!

  4. arlee says:

    like like like like LOVE

  5. Love it..even without legs it looks as if it is going somewhere Karen! x lynda

  6. Els says:

    Love your beast, Karen ! It must have been hard using freezer paper: not very “stiff” but the advantage is that you can iron it on ….
    (múch better than all those “red-nose” reindeer ….)

    • Karen Turner says:

      On this scale (most of these pieces are about half-an-inch square-ish) freezer paper is plenty sturdy enough, Els. And yes, being able to iron it on is a HUGE advantage.

  7. tina says:

    you had to do it didnt you, two things come to mind
    1.klee does some birds quite similar to this go on .make a familly and
    2. have you ever seen elmer the elephant?

    ps its lovely!

    • Karen Turner says:

      I love Klee – one of my favourite artists. Not too familiar with Elmer the Elephant, but I did spend a lot of time drawing animals – especially elephants – as a child…
      PS thanks 🙂

  8. Sally jo says:

    I love your colorful horse – amazing technicolor beast. Wonderful.

  9. jude says:

    just great

  10. serenapotter says:

    perfect. glad you’re doing some animals with this set.

  11. Rachel says:

    It looks gorgeous already!

  12. dreambird says:

    love love love it!

  13. judy martin says:

    Really wonderful. The curved piecing is fantastic. So animistic!

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