Ring of time

It’s been a week of catching up: correspondence, administration, tidying, sorting, a little parcelling – and I seem to have little to show for it. Running round in circles trying to get everything done, trying – and failing – to catch up, I’ve been thinking a lot about time.

We spend time, and we pass the time, and I wonder whether time actually stands still while we run around it, if we literally pass it in the way that we might pass someone on the street. I wonder if this accounts for my fascination with ancient art. Marks made many thousands of years ago are still visible, still present, still with us. Still: a word meaning ‘motionless’ as well as ‘yet remaining’. I wonder whether we each are born with a pot of time, as you might have a pot of gold, and whether we spend it, never knowing how much there is left in the pot. A weird kind of bank deposit account, from which you can only withdraw, and with no statements, no balances, no warning of when it’s going to become empty. How much more time do any of us have? It’s finite, whatever the amount, and whatever we do.

This thought has a long way to go, but eventually there will be a series in it.

And now I think it’s time for a cup of tea 🙂

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17 Responses to Ring of time

  1. Rachel says:

    Reminiscent of a “causewayed enclosure”, which is something which continues to puzzle archaeologists.. And there’s something that reaches back in time – the imagination.

  2. Penny says:

    Very thoughtful post – as I think a lot about ‘time’ both in the grand sense and in the everyday, every hour sense. I am at an age when I totally realize that my life is truly limited by time. I believe I’ve always recognized this but until I got to this stage in my life didn’t REALLY accept nor know it is true. I do believe that really knowing this basic fact – that my life line really truly does have an end which will be sooner rather than later – is allowing me to live each and every day with more grace, joy and creativity.

    • Karen Turner says:

      I understand exactly what you mean, Penny, and it’s only quite recently that I have truly realised and understood this to be true. I’m wondering whether the awareness and acceptance of our own mortality is the first step of the crone; whether knowing that our time is finite gives us greater wisdom about how we spend that time.

  3. tina says:

    sounds more like you need some gin!!
    hope all is going well,I like this series your working on,very thought provoking.

  4. very interesting time post… i have always said that “time stretches as i need it to”, and so I usually have enough… lol… thanks for stopping by… oh and I adore your owl…

  5. Karen – interesting. I think we all reflect on time especially as the daylight hours shorten. There is a book by the name of Sterile cuckoo, and it was made into a film. Liza Minellii? was in it. Her first acting role….very very young, many man years ago. In both, there is a line or too about time that goes something like this. We spend so many hours of our life doing functional things, eating, sleeping, pooping, blinking, going to jobs, etc (if you get the meaning) so in the end, as the line goes, we are only truly given 1 minute to our very own – that minute which is owed to no one or no thing…the problem with life is that we aren’t told when that minute is up. I’ve never forgotten that line…never know when your minute is up…I really believe it is true…but some how we don’t live our life conscious of only having a minute really. So what am I saying…I’m not sure but your post brought back those thoughts…take care of your minutes

  6. blandina says:

    This is food for thought, I like the image of the ‘pot of time’.
    I too feel the passing of time and the need to do the most of the time that is left to me, and this rules my life choices now as far as living a serene and creative life is concerned.

  7. MoF says:

    A dear friend of mine used to say that life is not a dress rehearsal. How true but I believe that life is a circle with no beginning or end. As one door, or life, closes another opens. Love the colours of this piece.

  8. serenapotter says:

    phenomenal colors

  9. Yes, the archaeology feel is back again – post holes, islands, partially buried stones… and I love the old woven plaid feel of the background.

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