Happy new year

A new start. New Year’s Eve strikes me the same way as birthdays: a few minutes pass, close to midnight, and suddenly it’s a different year and people start jumping around and whooping. This idea of marking the vastness of time into little manageable segments fascinates me. We’re the only animal on the planet that does this.

However, for the sake of convention (and in order to appear normal!) hello 2012.

The next twelve months will see many changes for me and the hubs. I hope that by the end of this month we will be on the move – setting up a new home just over 100 miles away, where we don’t yet know anyone. I hope we’ll make a few new friends along the way too.

This is also the year I will have to return to paid employment. I have mixed feelings about that, and no doubt will have more to say about it nearer the time. Because of this I will probably be blogging much less frequently this year.

Once again, I would like to thank all of you who travelled with me through the last twelve months, and to wish you joy, health and success for the coming year.

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28 Responses to Happy new year

  1. Linda D. says:

    Here’s wishing you a successful move and hoping your year is a good one. Thank you for all your posts in 2011, you’ve inspired me and kicked me into starting my own exploration of stitch πŸ™‚ x

  2. Amanda says:

    You have a great New Year ahead too Karen!

  3. Eileen says:

    Karen and Hubby
    Best wishes for managing your time happily in 2012! And best wishes for the stitching too

  4. MoF says:

    Bonne chance.

  5. karen says:

    oh boy….you do have a big…no huge year ahead…I hope so much that it all goes amazingly well for you, Karen

  6. Kristin McNamara Freeman says:

    Happy year ahead! Daily I read your blog although I seldom write; do so appreciate your comments, your work, your journey and most of all, your willingness to be open and share.

  7. Flaming Nora says:

    Slappy Nude Ear.
    2012 will be an adventure. I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you have been up to this last year. Let the good times roll out before us like a deep thick shag pile carpet that absorbs the spills, doesn’t show the dirt, is always warm underfoot and softens the bumps when we fall over.
    Oh now thats so good I may have to steal it back and put it on my own blog! In these times of austerity who minds about an extra bit of recycling! xx

  8. annie! says:

    Happy New Year to you too Karen!

  9. Loralei says:

    Warmest wishes to you and yours- may the year ahead see you through your move and all other adventures with ease.. I look forward to sharing your adventures via your blog. Peace and joy to you..

  10. Hi, hope this year brings you all you are hoping for?x Where are you off to or is this something you don’t want or can’t talk about yet? Where ever you go you will be fine. I was used to moving every 2 to 3 years , so the advice l would give you is this. As soon as you get to your new home make it “home” with the first 6months..then all will be ok .What sort of paid work will you be into? I love your work and hope you will carry on making this amazing workxxxx

  11. Bea says:

    Happy New Year! May the changes bring you blessings.

  12. connie rose says:

    All the best to you as well, Karen. Look forward to seeing and learning about whatever you create this year. xo

  13. serenapotter says:

    Happy New Year! (whopping around with joy)
    I’m wishing you all the best with your big changes.
    I’m still hoping to move this year too. Your success gives me hope.
    Lots and lots of love. I’ve enjoyed sharing 2011 with you and your art.

  14. Jeannie says:

    Happy New Year, Karen. That is a lot of change to start the New Year. I wish you an easy move, a fun job that you love, time for stitching, and joy. Remember, your loyal fans will always be here to cheer you on.

  15. Happy New Year to you, too!

  16. Sweetpea says:

    Β« β˜†ΒΈ.β€’Β°*β€ΛœΛœβ€*Β°β€’.ΒΈβ˜† β˜… β˜†ΒΈ.β€’Β°*β€ΛœΛœβ€*Β°β€’.ΒΈβ˜†
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ β˜… β˜… β˜…
    β•‘β•šβ•β•‘β•β•β•‘β•β•‘β•β•‘β•šβ•β•‘ β˜†ΒΈ.β€’Β°*β€ΛœΛœβ€*Β°β€’.ΒΈβ˜†
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ β˜… NEW YEAR β˜† 2012
    β•šβ•β•šβ•©β•β•šβ•©β•β•šβ•β•β•šβ• β™₯οΏ₯β˜†β˜…β˜†β˜…β˜†οΏ₯β™₯ β˜…β˜† β™₯β™₯β™₯ Β»

    Change is good, K, even when it’s challenging, I think. Your move sounds grand! If I lived closer, I’d come & help but alas, we’re only a few interpixies away and that will have to do. Surely, I am going to miss your frequent posts so you must promise to at least pop by for a quick “Hi!” from time to time. All my best to you & yours.

  17. deanna7trees says:

    wishing you the best with all the changes.

  18. helen salo says:

    The Best to you., And just because you’re taking a steady paying employment, don’t let the stitching sit on the back burner, you’re too talented to let it slip too far away, as well as you do seem to find much pleasure in it.
    My father in law passed early New Year’s day so big changes for all of us.
    Take care,

    • Karen Turner says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your father-in-law, Helen – I emailed you. Returning to employment will be a bit of a shock to the system I think, and I’m hoping I can find something that will allow me enough spare time and energy to continue stitching and writing the blog. Our priority though will have to be paying the bills. Will have to see what I can find!

  19. Penny Berens says:

    You have quite a year planned ahead of you and I hope it all turns out fantabulous!

  20. Rachel says:

    Happy New Year. I hope it turns out to be a good one for you!

  21. Wishing you only the very best for 2012, thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and heres to much more xxx

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