Lines 2

I know, two posts in one day.

I have a new camera, and I just wanted to see if anyone can tell the difference (all pictures below are with the new camera; earlier post today was using the old one):

You should be able to click on the image for more detail.

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15 Responses to Lines 2

  1. Karen Turner says:

    Actually I don’t see a huge amount of difference. Maybe slightly sharper/clearer. I did resize for easy upload; the originals are enormous.

  2. Maggi says:

    I would say that the colours are more intense in the 3rd pic on here compared to the 1st on the previous post although you may be showing different areas. There is also increased sharpness and detail in the last image on here although again that may be because you wee on the macro setting for that. I think that if you are going to do a real comparison you need to take a few photos of the same thing, at the same time with both cameras. They are lovely photos anyway.

  3. Lovely images but new camera is sharper and clearer in my mindx
    What camera have you gone for?lyndax

  4. Rachel says:

    I think the pictures area sharper and brighter and clearer.

  5. Sally jo says:

    I agree with the others, beautiful pictures and beautiful stitching.

  6. connie rose says:

    I sure like what you’re doing with those lines of stitches!

  7. Penny Berens says:

    Loving those stitches no matter which camera!

  8. Sweetpea says:

    First, I agree with Penny, totally!! :>]]
    On my monitor, the new camera is providing a bit more saturated color and definitely, much better contrast in the details…threads & texture of the fabrics are more distinct.
    Sure love the random stitches holding the scrim…

  9. serenapotter says:


  10. Dot says:

    Lovely photo’s Karen. And the new camera’s photo’s are definitely much clearer. Your art really inspires me.

  11. Karen Turner says:

    Many thanks for the feedback and for kind words. I haven’t really mastered it yet, these are just my first attempts.

  12. MoF says:

    WoW!!!!!! Shimmy, shimmy!!! Which from a belly dancer equates to: out of this world. The difference in clarity is amazing! The stitching as always is other wordly and unique! Never give up!

  13. karen says:

    these images, this work….sigh….

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