from floor to table

Well, we started off on the floor – me, the backing, the wool batting and the quilt top – and we pinned each other to the carpet, as I knew we would, but after a few hours the pinned layers could be moved carefully to the largest table I have, where tacking/basting is in progress.

Not great quality images, I know, but by the time I remembered to engage camera, the light was fading fast. You get the idea, anyway.

Batting was absolutely the right thing to do. The cloth now has substance without being too thick or bulky, and it still fits into the frame I use when I have to use a frame. My next job is to stitch down some of the edges on each block – part quilting, part securing – so that I can roll or fold the cloth up out of the way until I’m ready to work on it again. I expect this cloth to take several years before it’s fully completed, so it will spend a lot of its resting time rolled or folded. The tacking will have to be pretty robust to withstand all that extra handling. At least it’s much easier to work on it up here on the table than down there on the floor. Certainly easier on the knees!

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13 Responses to from floor to table

  1. arlee says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i love what you did with the geode on the dupion!!!!!!!!! The whole is stunning, but i’m pretty partial to that area πŸ™‚

  2. Rachel says:

    Always better to be able work with things on the table, isn’t it. Scrambling around on the floor can be a little disheartening, even when you love what you’re doing!

  3. Loralei says:

    Ash, the memories of basting on a carpet; and always, a piece of it joins the cloth! Have you ever seen a video by Sharon Schamber? She uses 2 long boards to roll her cloth onto, and basted a bit at a time, using a herringbone stitch. Quite effective, actually… Not that you need this information now… I will look forward to your updates on this piece, until she is done..

  4. deanna7trees says:

    oh so beautiful.

  5. Hope your knees have recovered by now? Worth it though, this cloth is looking beautiful Karen.xlynda

  6. annie! says:

    Wow – this is turning into a gorgeous project!

  7. serenapotter says:

    yes very beautiful.

  8. Looks great and looking forward to a closer look at some of those intriguing blocks.

  9. deb says:

    Some of those fabrics look so interesting! Glad you could get it up on the table to do some of the basting. Much easier.

  10. karen says:

    I’m not a fan of being on my knees either. It’s amazing how things ”creak” when we put them to the test. This is a phenomenal piece of work Karen….

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