I’ve been collecting all the tiny fragments of fabric together: all the bits that are just too small for anything else. Mostly these are less than an inch wide/long.

I sorted them into colour groups and then roughly into values, and fused them to squares of very soft lightweight iron-on stabiliser.

The stabiliser is almost weightless and doesn’t seem to be affecting the quality or hand of the fabrics. It’s just a way of keeping them all in place ready for stitching.

When I started arranging scraps on these foundations I didn’t know what I was going to do with the blocks. It started off simply as a way of keeping the tiny scraps together and keeping them tidy.

Once I had a few blocks finished I had quite a few ideas about how they could be useful.

Which proves, if proof were needed, that the best way to begin is to begin.

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13 Responses to Beginning

  1. lyn lewis says:

    great backgrounds if nothing else! Just proves it………..throw nowt out!!! lol

  2. Jan Marriott says:

    coming along nicely…look forward to seeing where this goes.

  3. Linda D. says:

    Love these blocks, intrigued to see what you do with them.

  4. bluecloth says:

    I love how you stick with it. Sticktoitiveness! Fun fabrics.

  5. blandina says:

    Great idea, the blocks look very interesting. How exciting to start a journey into unexplored land!

  6. Rachel says:

    Absolutely. Especially when you don’t know where to start – and then somehow one thing leads to another…

  7. Ger says:

    Beginnings are the best part of it anyways… – I like how you cherish the small scraps…

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