Still hexing

Look away now if you’re not keen on hexagon patchwork. People seem to either love it or hate it, like other forms of English paper piecing.

I just did a couple of these a few weeks ago:

And then I did a few more:

Just wondered how small I could go with them.

Each hexagon is a quarter of an inch along the side; whole flowers are about an inch across.

[Janice, you might need to sit down and breathe into a paper bag. You’ll be fine :-)]

So WHY, you might well be asking. Honestly? I don’t know. In my former life as a miniaturist I made a whole scale quilt this way that measured about 6″ square. I ended up giving it away as part of a doll’s house bedroom set on eBay so I assume it’s still out there somewhere in the world. Scale fascinates me, particularly the very small. I guess I just wondered if I could still do it. The desire to do again what you used to do well as a younger person I think is one of the many signs of approaching middle age and the sense of panic that accompanies it.  A futile desire to hold off time. This time round I need reading glasses before I can even thread the needle!

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23 Responses to Still hexing

  1. contemporaryembroidery says:

    I am in the hexagon loving group as you know and I work small too but boy…you definitely work SMALL!” These are so very precious….

  2. dear karen, i love these. they are precious. it is like holding a garden in the palm of your hand. cheers.

  3. I love the effect, it’s just the project I started using paper hexagons stalled about 20 years ago…!

  4. bluecloth says:

    love these little flowers – do beautiful!

  5. Ellen says:

    Lovely. They made me smile.

  6. deanna7trees says:

    oh i do love them.

  7. Amanda says:

    How cute are those! You really need some hand cream though lol. 🙂

    • Karen Turner says:

      No amount of hand cream makes the slightest difference! I’ve tried ’em all. Hands still very dry and permanently sore. If anyone has a miracle cure, let me know!

  8. deb says:

    Hi Karen, I have enjoyed these last two posts. By coincidence I was piecing some hexagons on the weekend too but I wasn’t going to post about them because I thought I was mad starting another project! You have made me feel much better about it! LOL! I have magnifying glasses to do hand piecing work! My hexagons are half an inch along the side, not quite as small as yours.

    • Karen Turner says:

      Oh, I think I have a metal template for hexagons that size, Deb. That’s the one size I haven’t got round to trying yet. You can never have too many piecing adventures on the go 🙂

  9. Janice says:

    Writing between gulps into the paper bag (-in-) Hexagons very pretty (-out-) Stitching beautiful (-in-) Will be beautiful when it’s done (-out-) Do you have a project (-in-) mind? (-out-) Or is it just a (-in-) technical personal challenge (-out-)?

    • Karen Turner says:

      Ha ha 🙂 No, this is just one of those ooh-I-wonder-if-I-can moments. Do you remember that awful TV programme a few years ago ‘Challenge Anneka’? This is Challenge Karen. No pictures of my rear end sticking out of a helicopter though 🙂

      • Janice says:

        I thought maybe you were making a quilt for a double bed! And yes, I remember challenge Anneka. I don’t think Anneka would be able to attempt this!

        • Karen Turner says:

          Good grief, a tiny bed for pixies maybe! Actually, there is such a full-sized thing in existence – a chap in the US made (I think) three double bed quilts using hexagons this size. I think it took him most of his life. There’s a picture of it in a book I have – American Quilts, I think it’s called. Amazing, but mad. I don’t think I’m quite that deranged. Yet.

          • Janice says:

            There’s still time…
            Actually I have to say it’s the sort of thing that would lodge itself in my brain and that eventually I would have to give in to. It would be completed on my death bed.

  10. serenapotter says:

    you’re a wild woman!

  11. They’re little works of art, hexagons or not!

  12. Susan C says:

    Wow! These are amazing and each one so perfectly pressed. and the prints centered in the hexagons! Looking at these and thinking about how could you have done this gives me an odd sensation of my hands being really huge. I can’t wait to see the little quilt.

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