In the round

Organised chaos on the worktable today – more on that later.

You might remember these blocks which I pieced by machine (!) from lots of tiny scraps:

Well, we had a little conversation – the blocks and me – and we decided that they were a little too square.

So they’re becoming round. I think we all feel a little better for it.

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23 Responses to In the round

  1. Someone else who talks to her stitchery! I’m glad to know there are a few more of us about!

  2. Amanda says:

    It’s a bit of a bugger when they start answering back and stamping their little seems though, isn’t it. I do hate a cantankerous block.

  3. Anneliese says:

    Oh, Karen, I am making those very square blocks at the moment, too. Your idea with the rounds is super but the loss is considerable. I am still waiting for a more understandable language of them…..

    • Karen Turner says:

      Just a little loss in the corners, yes – but worthwhile, I think. If I had a team of assistants, they could simultaneously be busy doing something with the offcuts!

  4. Penny Berens says:

    Creativity at work!

  5. Flaming Nora says:

    They all look so happy now!

  6. oksewglad says:

    Mine usually just talk to me, and I say “Sure, that’s what I’ll do!”. I’m wondering what they will look like next.

  7. Oo, I love round. But if you put the cut off corners together with the right angles in the centre, you’d get another interesting shape. 😮

    • Karen Turner says:

      Yes, I did investigate that – but then we’re back to my age-old problem of not enough hands and not enough hours in the day…

  8. lyn lewis says:

    Clever idea that………..there’s always at least wto ways oflooking at and seeing something

  9. Lynda says:

    I thiunk they look better round..more interesting! From reading all the comments l reckon we all talk to our Art/Craft “stuff”! Ha!

  10. contemporaryembroidery says:

    they look brilliant round…great idea!

  11. Marie says:

    The round shapes look so vibrant, great idea. Some fabrics really know their own minds! 🙂

  12. deedeemallon says:

    oh! interesting! do you think they were ‘easier’ to cut having machines-stitched them? (as in ‘less reluctant’ not as ‘in easier to snip with sheers’?) – just wondering …

    • Karen Turner says:

      I thought that would be the case, too, Dee. But actually some of these were hand pieced, they weren’t all done on the machine. I bonded a circular piece of iron-on interfacing to the reverse (so the circle held its shape better while I tacked it) – and that helped the hand-stitched pieces to stay intact. An interesting and very useful exercise.

  13. Janice says:

    Aha! The iron-on interfacing seems to have been an essential component in getting them all to behave so nicely. I am wondering what you are going to do with all these circles!

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