Hand dyed

Making the most of a whole two days without rain.

There was a hole in my glove.

My finger is the colour of mahogany.

My own hand, dyed.

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27 Responses to Hand dyed

  1. arlee says:

    “Like” 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    beooootiful colours, including your “hand dyed”! 🙂

  3. lyn lewis says:

    Dyed fingers…the sign of a true devotee………….and fab fabric shades to go with it lol

    • Karen Turner says:

      The sign of an idiot who doesn’t notice having wet fingers despite wearing gloves! Guess I must have been absorbed in the task : -)

  4. contemporaryembroidery says:

    you had two days without rain????? Who do I complain to???

    • Karen Turner says:

      um… God…? Actually there were a couple of showers so it wasn’t entirely without rain. Whatever happened to those long hot summers we used to have…

  5. bluecloth says:

    Love your colors! My fingers have turned greenish brown lately – so many weeds and silly me didn’t wear gloves. Great post.

  6. Evidence of all your hard work!

  7. Jeannie says:

    I am laughing with you, as I did the same thing last summer with indigo! I thought it was odd that my right hand was sweating, but not the left! Wishing you a wonderful week, even with mahogany fingers.

  8. Sweetpea says:

    HA! excellent!!

  9. Rebecca says:

    Love your colours – glad the rain stopped.

  10. suzy says:

    Such beautiful colours Karen – what dyes have you used?
    At least your finger will recover!!!

    • Karen Turner says:

      Yes, the colour’s wearing off, slowly… these are Procion dyes. I find them to be safe, reliable and easy to use. Some of the mordants necessary for eco-dyeing can be quite hazardous.

      • suzy says:

        Thanks Karen yes I do use these Procion sometimes and natural dyes at other times but most often with my work I use the silk dyes!

  11. Dot says:

    I could just jump into that first photo with glee – gorgeous colors! And I have dyed my fingers before too 🙂

    • Karen Turner says:

      This is only a third of the total amount dyed – last batch needs rinsing and washing today and then it will take me about a week to sort through everything. Some for me, some for the shop, some for me, some for the shop… if I can bear to part with anything 🙂

  12. blandina says:

    Oh, dyeing….a magic world!

  13. Janice says:

    Such beautiful colours! And I see you’re dying threads and silk tops as well as fabrics. And hands, of course. 😀 What joy!

    • Karen Turner says:

      There is SUCH a huge pile of fabric and thread to sort through, measure, document and photograph. This will keep me out of trouble for a week or two!

  14. helen salo says:

    Karen, Forgot to let you know I received your fabrics just fine. I wanted them for a dress I was revamping and got started right away and forgot to let you know I got them, and how pleased I was. Even better in person, as always. Thanks.

  15. deedeemallon says:

    such gorgeous stuff here! If I were you, I’d want to keep it all… As for the dyed finger, have you seen the indigo fingernails of those you dip in those vats?!! At least yours is kind of skin-toned!

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