No, I’m not totally here yet… but today I belatedly turned over the new page of the Paul Klee calendar that hangs in my workroom, and I couldn’t help thinking…

…wouldn’t this make a marvellous quilt?

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6 Responses to Looking

  1. Penny says:

    Oh yes, it definitely would. I love Paul Klee’s work – so many of his pieces would translate beautifully into cloth work.

  2. connie rose says:

    Absolutely! Have a wonderful July.

  3. diannajessie says:

    It would make a fantastic quilt!

  4. Indeed it would. Perhaps Klee had some interest in textiles!

  5. Janice says:

    It would indeed. Or a variation of it would be interesting with ‘woven’ strips of fabric, don’t you think…?

  6. Karen Ruane says:

    you may not be ”here” but your brain can’t turn off completely!!

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