Scraps Quilt 2

This is Scraps Quilt 2, which will be a gift and should be finished by the end of the year. This one will be very slightly different from Scraps Quilt 1:

This time it’s 7″ blocks. I didn’t like the even numberedness of the 8″ block, which was prone to dividing itself rather too neatly into four equal quarters. A block made of odd-numbered inches seems a little more interesting. This time, as you can see, each block will have a little accent of something else in the centre(-ish).

They won’t be going together in this order; this is just the total number of blocks completed so far. I hope that the whole quilt, when all 110 blocks are pieced together, will read as effectively in real life as it does in my imagination. Bear in mind that these are just scraps, and this is just evening-and-spare-time work, and it really is surprising how much you can achieve with a few spare minutes here and there. To date, 8 down, 102 to go.

However, I think it’s more like task avoidance, since I’d rather be making these blocks than working on beardie-quilt. Tomorrow, I keep saying. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the tough beardie quilt. Really. I will.

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6 Responses to Scraps Quilt 2

  1. Els says:

    Ha, Karen, love this design with the contrst center !
    (you’re going steady on as I see it …. 😉 !)

  2. lyn lewis says:

    I like the ish bit especailly, it adds your individual style and appeals to my querkyness too lol

  3. I think it’s easier to create an interesting design with the odd number sized blocks. Symmetry is all very well, but asymmetry is more intriguing!

  4. Your colour choices and eye for putting the shades together so harmoniously is a delight. Your work is probably the only thing that could persuade me to even think about pieced patchwork. And I’m thinking very seriously now!

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