End papers (1)

Inner front cover:

It’s not based on anything at all, really. It’s meant to be an exploration of how it might feel to uncover layers of ancient textile and finding treasure that has been buried for a long time.

I started with a piece of black Aida (thank you, Mo), which makes a good base for this kind of layering because it’s quite firm and yet is easy to stitch on. I added a bit of very ornate black lace fabric that is studded all over with little gold globules of something – I’m not sure what, exactly. It’s quite opulent, and a little goes a long way. Nothing subtle about it! Over that I layered a bit of denim from the knee of my husband’s discarded Levis, which already conveniently had a large hole in it. Goodness knows how he does that to jeans, especially given that stitching Levis denim by hand is a lot like stitching cardboard. Tough fabric. Anyway, I layered another narrow strip of the ornate lace diagonally across the square and covered the whole thing with a piece of hand-dyed silk organza.

I also layered a piece of very sheer chiffon over the hole in the denim, again to slightly knock back the in-your-faceness of the gold-patterned lace, and also to suggest the uncovering of something precious. I added some bits of metallic viscose chainette under the corners of the organza and fixed these in place by scattering some seeding stitches around the edges.

I really like the combination of these very different fabrics – the tough/strong denim and Aida somehow seem to work quite well with the sheerness and fragility of the chiffon and organza. I’ve begun work on the inner back cover, which I hope to post next week.

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  1. It does look like a wonderful discovery in progress, being dug out of the peat….

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