Nearly a wrap

Just now working on the outer cover for Excavations, my interpretation of found fragments of Viking textiles.

It’s basically just strips of fabric and couched yarns on a base of hand-dyed calico. It’s a good way of using up those short lengths and narrow widths that you find in your scraps collection. I decided on this wrap-around cover to further emphasise the ‘uncovering’ element that inspired this collection. Whereas you would just open a book, with this arrangement you have to flip out the right-hand wrap and then open the cover on the left. It will all become much clearer when the pages are in position.

It always amazes me how very simple stitches used as mark-making can be so expressive, and I now find that I only want to use really simple, irregular stitches rather than very neat, even rows of proficient stitching.

Next week I hope this will be finished, and that the pages can finally be stitched into the cover.

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2 Responses to Nearly a wrap

  1. Something like geological strata, something like strip-farming, even a little like ripples on the shore – a perfect wrapping for your book!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I usually reply to comments here on the blog, so please check back here if your comment requires a response. I have no idea why this writing is so big. I can't seem to find a way to make it smaller. Good for the partially-sighted though, I guess.

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