Oseberg Book One begins

Here’s the plan: two mixed media/cloth books based on the textile finds from the Oseberg ship burial. The first one will be to do with clothing; the second to do with home furnishings, linens, wall hangings, etc.

There is enough evidence to state that the two women buried in the ship were wearing, respectively, a red dress and a blue dress. There was also some sort of veil covering the older woman’s face, and there appears to have been a caftan-type open-fronted coat, with at least one fine shawl plus various other garments. In this first book, I plan to imagine fragments of these clothes. I’m not setting out to recreate anything realistic or full-size; I just want to explore bits of what might have been there, using fabrics and techniques that a Viking woman might broadly recognise.

The pages of these books will be a little larger than Excavations, at about 11″ square (ish). The front cover, barely begun, shows the spiral-headed prow of the ship, couched in brown wool. I didn’t have enough dark brown fabric so I had to improvise. I’m intending to complete this series with whatever I already have in because I don’t want to buy more stuff. Let’s see how far I get with that.

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  1. Oooh, this is a good start, for a very interesting project!

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