The queen’s red dress (2)

Flying past with a quick update: here is the first sample, which I’m imagining as perhaps a section of the hem of the red dress.

Various silk fabrics, with little tassels made from textured yarns. And yes, OK, the Vikings probably didn’t have tiny gold beads, but if they had, they’d have used them on everything. And in any case, this is entirely imaginative and any semblance to realism will probably have got quite out of hand by the time I’ve finished.

And now a collage of glorious red:

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4 Responses to The queen’s red dress (2)

  1. I seem to recall a silversmithing technique called “granulation”, which in effect called for tiny gold beads. I think it is much earlier than the Vikings, so they may have seen it if not done it.
    Just in case you feel you need a bit more “real” basis for your imaginative work. I don’t think you do, they seem to have liked bling however achieved!

    • Karen says:

      Ha, thanks for that. I’m actually a bit concerned about how bling-y this is going to get, given the Vikings’ apparent love of anything glittery and/or brightly coloured. Not really my style at all! Could be lots of fun though.

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