The queen’s red dress (3)

Having now got all the threads in order, I’ve at last made some progress with the second sample. When I say progress, actually I mean finished. It’s often quite surprising, when you set out on a piece of work, that it turns out to be complete so much sooner than you expect. In this case, that’s probably because I worked on little bits of it in what few spare moments I had, so it was kind of finished by stealth. I’m imagining this sample as a bit of the lower border of the queen’s dress. This may not be entirely correct, as most authorities I’ve seen suggest that the Vikings didn’t have decorative hems. Well, they do in my little world.

This piece measures about 7” x 9” and is made up of layered strips of fabric, with some little bits of patchwork applied.

The strip across the centre was made by ironing a strip of red silk fabric to bondaweb, cutting out the little irregular diamond motifs, then layering the red strip onto some green cotton fabric. I found if I trimmed a bit off the cut-out shapes, I could then re-attach them to the cut-out centres, leaving that tiny green outline showing through from underneath. The edges are covered by couched yarn.

The rest of the decorative work is very simple: mostly couched yarns and running stitch, with a bit of seeding behind the patchwork triangles. I love that red silk.

Just one more tiny red sample to make, and then I can begin to assemble the first page.

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  1. Stunning work. The colours are divine. So lovely to see your work.

  2. That red silk is really gorgeous. And I like your “reverse applique” strip with the green glinting through!

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