The queen’s red dress (5)

Another sample, this one about 8” square, imagining something around the neckline.

This is just collaged silk and cotton fabrics, with some very simple appliqué, embroidery, and couched threads.

Still sampling. On the embroidery frame at present, and in progress:

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7 Responses to The queen’s red dress (5)

  1. I do like that neckline decoration! And all the slightly different colours do echo the appearance of textiles found in an archaeological context…

  2. Pia says:

    It would be interesting to use some of these elements at least in one’s own clothes, to make it special, but I’m also a sucker for drape, and was thinking all these layers and stitching would make a rather stiff fabric? I hate wearing something that looks like it could stand on its own instead of moving with the wearer.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, you’re quite right – most of these samples are quite stiff and, in some cases, deliberately reinforced with an extra base layer to hold all the stitching. These samples would never make good clothes! All I’m doing here really is playing around with surface design and using up bits of fabric. Let me know if you find a way of making anything actually wearable in real life 🙂

  3. You’re back! Can’t believe that it’s 5 years. I guess it’s because I wake up to your sunrise quilt every morning. Absolutely love this new body of work. History, archaeology, experimentation and stitching – perfect combination!

    • Karen says:

      I know… time soon passes. Thank you for still being here! Glad you’re enjoying the journey. And so pleased that ‘sunrise’ is happy in its home 🙂

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