Laying out

I’m starting to put some of the bits and pieces together. The pages are about 11” square, with an extra inch for the binding margin. I’m covering squares of cartridge paper with fabric, which I’ll eventually fix back to back so that the reverse sides won’t be visible.

I originally planned a double page spread for the red dress, but I’ve ended up with far more than that so I’m now spreading out the red samples over four pages.

I also imagined another hem sample, which is sitting on a page with the earlier one:

I had lots of short lengths of green threads, which I ironed to a strip of bondaweb on cotton fabric. I like the way just laying down a lot of different threads creates a new and unusual fabric. I see now that it could do with a bit of a pressing with the iron to sort out those wonky lines. Funny how you have to look at photographs of things in order to see their imperfections. Not that there’s anything wrong with imperfect or wonky. I don’t know whether this is finished yet. I imagine the queen might request the addition of a few little beads…

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5 Responses to Laying out

  1. arlee says:

    I like the wonkiness, more Historic, organic, natural, ageing.

  2. It’s tricky, isn’t it. You want the lines to be definitely straight, but at the same time there is a liveliness about the human-made straight lines of the period that modern machine-made straight lines don’t have. I like your invented new fabric, I must say!

  3. Great colour combinations and definitely beads. Glass ones brought back overland from Byzantium by a retired member of the Varangian Guard…

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