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Viking appliqué 

A textile fragment was found in Lund that appears to consist of narrow strips of fabric stitched onto a ground of red silk: It measures approximately 13 cm x 5 cm and is widely (and incorrectly, as far as I … Continue reading

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Square stitches

Still on the subject of Oseberg and its textiles, I transcribed one of the designs into my working sketch book. You can probably see that it was difficult to get it right. I tried it on graph paper, just to … Continue reading

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Samite silk

One of the best sources for Viking textiles is the Oseberg ship burial, which dates to around 834 AD. Two women were given a splendid burial in a purpose-built chamber on a ship, which was then interred. The grave appears … Continue reading

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After our annual visit to the Jorvik Viking Festival in February, I found myself increasingly fascinated by Viking culture, and specifically with Viking textiles and sewing techniques. I made myself a Viking costume – linen under-dress, linen long-sleeved over-dress, and … Continue reading

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Picking up the threads

I’m beginning to feel nearly ready to pick up where I left off, though not quite in the same way. Having completed my PhD, I’m now returning to full-time work. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this, having organised my … Continue reading

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500 and out

I did promise something spectacular for my 500th post, and here it is: Not quite what you were expecting. I’ve been quietly making some spectacular changes to my life. During my blog break in June/July I researched, wrote and submitted … Continue reading

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Well, I can’t carry on calling it Beardie Quilt, can I? And every artist, at some point in their life, produces something called ‘Untitled’. It turned out all right in the end. I like the back, too: I’ve added this … Continue reading

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Keeping calm

Still quilting Still embroidering Still bearding. Keep calm and carry on.

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Scraps Quilt 2

This is Scraps Quilt 2, which will be a gift and should be finished by the end of the year. This one will be very slightly different from Scraps Quilt 1: This time it’s 7″ blocks. I didn’t like the … Continue reading

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the spirit of perseverance

I wondered if embroidering this quilt might be easier than quilting it. It wasn’t. Embroidering cardboard is just as difficult as quilting it.

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