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The attendant’s blue dress (2)

I see it’s been a while since I attended to this. Busy with other things. It’s tempting to think of an attendant as a servant, and therefore having very plain clothes, but where would be the fun in that? My … Continue reading

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On the table

On the table today is the fourth in the ‘In Search of Peace’ quilts – ‘Dusk’. The background for this one is a square of lightweight cotton denim under a layer of very fine white tulle. I’ve again used the … Continue reading

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Under a patchwork moon

Just another 22″ patchwork circle, using the same freezer paper templates as the yellow/gold one. It’s such a great way to use tiny scraps of fabric; a gathering together of little lost souls. Arlee, do you see some little pieces … Continue reading

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Wordless details

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Quilting the sky

I’m now undecided about whether this is going to be two separate jackets, or whether it will be a single reversible one. I will have to travel a little further before it becomes clear, I think. The inner silk jacket … Continue reading

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Straight and circular paths

Just working a little more on the silk lining for the hand stitched jacket. This is a bit of the centre back: I’m walking very slowly and carefully with this one.

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The thread problem

I love to dye my own threads, as you know. But no matter how careful I am with the skeins, this kind of jumble seems to be inevitable after a while: I have hundreds of those little cardboard bobbins, and … Continue reading

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Silently stitching

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Of course, this jacket will need lining. And as I thought about that, I thought about how nice it might be if this was reversible. So that means making two jackets, in effect: one inside the other. If I bind … Continue reading

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Pieces of Spring

I began work on the jacket over the weekend, laying pieces of cotton and linen fabric over a foundation of fine soft quilter’s calico. I’m aiming for the colours of very early spring, as in this quick sketch: The back … Continue reading

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