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Picking up the threads

I’m beginning to feel nearly ready to pick up where I left off, though not quite in the same way. Having completed my PhD, I’m now returning to full-time work. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this, having organised my … Continue reading

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The Magic Isle

The Magic Isle mixed media book is now finished. The cover is made from collaged and stitched fabric scraps, with another version of the text attached under sheer chiffon. I like book covers to wrap around so that the pages … Continue reading

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Sometimes I surprise even myself.  You might recall how I was saying the other day that there was no way I could finish the Tracks Samples cloth book by the end of January. I almost feel I should apologise for … Continue reading

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One door closes…

… and another door opens: I thought it might be nice if the door on the last page actually opens and closes.  The hinge is made from a length of ribbon, and the door closes with a piece of green … Continue reading

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Under a velvet moon

I wish you could touch this as well as see it.  Silk velvet has a texture that is like nothing else, and it catches and reflects light in such a subtle but powerful way. The little sparkles in the sky … Continue reading

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Night time

A simple page, three from the end.  Winding down now.  The eye needs to calm down after all the detail and colour of preceding pages.  A page of quiet and rest.

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All in a row

There’s something very interesting about rows.  The British are generally very good at queuing up for things, and a long line of people always says something to me about patience, stoicism and anticipation.  I also like the ambiguity of the word … Continue reading

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Many stories, many dreams

Again, one of a pair.  The background is layered sparkly lace, web-patterned lace and a top layer of hand dyed cotton scrim.  The hearts are cut from felted wool. The end really is in sight now.

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The other side of the ‘under the sea’ pair: The treasure chest is made from pieced silk, with bits of old jewellery and beads for contents.  The fish are needle-turned silk applique with silk chiffon fins and tails. A couple … Continue reading

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Under the sea

Who knows where your dreams will take you? This one was a joy to make.  The background is layered sheers with yarns beneath the top layer of chiffon.  The mermaid is applique, with simple quilting and embroidery, and the sea … Continue reading

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