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As well as the larger series, which will be quilts, I’ll be working on some smaller pieces, which will be cloths – that is, not quilted. Just bits of cloth and stitch on a cloth ground. Something very honest and … Continue reading

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Stitching the rain

When it rains all day, as it did yesterday, there’s not much else you can do. It rained beads. And it rained stitches. Shouting at the sky didn’t make the slightest difference. So I sat down with some paper and … Continue reading

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Full circle

‘Ring of Time’ is now complete and in the shop awaiting a new home. It measures about 19″ square. I ought to measure cloths in time rather than inches, but I lost count of the number of hours. A cloth … Continue reading

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Just looking

Getting back to work after a little hiatus – in this case, a road trip and a funeral – is always a bit of a challenge. Unusually for me, I don’t feel much of a desire to stitch or to … Continue reading

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To dream again

These are the last two pages of this little mixed media book. Again, very simple layering and stitching, trying to make it look as if the card and fabric belong together. For the last page, I wanted something a little … Continue reading

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a thousand twangling instruments

Page 3 of the Magic Isle cloth book; page size is about 7″ x 11″. The music print is one of my favourite fabrics, though I always only had a tiny piece of it. It came in a mixed bag … Continue reading

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Stitching paper

Of course, it was obvious, really. I’m making a cloth book for these little cards, with pages about 7″ x 10″. I’m layering fabrics over a felt base, then stitching the felt-backed pages to a single leaf torn from blue … Continue reading

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During the last few days I’ve also been putting together some really tiny fragments of fabric, layering them onto some old calico that came from the body of our old settee before it retired from useful duty. These are about … Continue reading

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Shadows pass

I’ve been working on this little cloth for the past few days: The backing is a very old linen cloth with a hand-worked edging – it’s either very fine crochet or needle-lace, I can’t tell which. The worked area in … Continue reading

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to quead [contemporary English, verb, transitive]: to quilt by means of beading.

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