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more on paper

And then I found some cave drawings of neolithic animals, already carved up into patchwork blocks: Since the first thing our ancestors would have thought on seeing an animal like this was ‘dinner’, it seems perfectly natural that they should … Continue reading

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Just collecting and layering some images and motifs on paper, and just for my own amusement. Varying degrees of success, but since these are only for me and my records, that’s OK. These are all watercolour and pencil on A3 … Continue reading

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Drawing can be a word meaning ‘gathering’ – as in drawing disparate things together – as well as a word meaning make an image with a pencil. I really like words that work this hard, words that draw together many … Continue reading

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Thank you for the reassurance on the continuing cloth book.  I thought I’d mention today how much compositional rearranging is necessary in the transition from paper to cloth.  The pages of the paper version of this book are about 8″ … Continue reading

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The Sketchbook Project (4)

The story, if you remember, had only just begun (I believe this is the last page I showed here), and this is all one story, so would be best read in sequence.  Here’s the next page: Gesso and acrylic paint/ink on layered … Continue reading

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Preparing an honest face

A cloth filled with sun, for the summer solstice this weekend: The sun rays are layered between gold mesh and very sheer chiffon, with the disc of the sun on the surface. Originally, I wanted to make it a ‘storybook’ sun, with a face, … Continue reading

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Silk moon

I ended up with a spare hare (that I cut out too small) and a spare moon (a practice piece) so I made a slightly smaller test cloth:  Now I can try out ways of applying the hare and the … Continue reading

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Drawing reading

I’m looking forward to Jude’s online class next week about creating story cloths.  I have a reasonably good background in art and literature – I studied both at degree level – and at one time I wanted to write and illustrate … Continue reading

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More colour

You can probably tell that I had the leafkeeper bookmarks in mind when I was painting these. I made the pages into a book by stitching each folded page to the spine of a collaged paper cover:  There are 6 … Continue reading

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It would be fair to say I haven’t done much stitching this week.  I’ve begun another long term project, for something quiet to do in the evenings.  This one involves stitching small hexagons together.  It took most of a day … Continue reading

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