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Breaking the rules

It wasn’t all reading, although it was very pleasant to just have some thinking time. It seems this is the year for breaking the rules. First the sewing machine and now this: I broke my own rule and bought new … Continue reading

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On relativity (or, when is a scrap not a scrap)

I had a bout of neuralgia over the weekend and have been unable to do much stitching. While out of action I turned to the fabric storage situation. Sorting fabrics is a pleasant little job, but it can become a … Continue reading

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Cotton lace net

Sometimes known as bobbin net, or ‘bobbinet‘ as it seems to be spelled these days. It’s a curious fabric, and one that I’ve used in the foreground of ‘Perspective’: It’s made from cotton, and is very soft, almost weightless and … Continue reading

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On twittering crocodiles

Worth reiterating, perhaps, that these cloth pages are meant to illustrate one continuous story.  I was hoping it would be something like a children’s picture book (the full written version of it is here, if you’re interested).  Maybe this will become more obvious … Continue reading

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Moving things around

I decided to move the Sketchbook Project to its own page – click on the tab at the top of this page and you should be able to see all the pages so far, and more importantly, in the right … Continue reading

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Two more…

I have to confess to some slight disappointment.  I thought actually I’d invented something here, but now I find that the V & A are selling something very similar in their shop, and there are also similar variations available on etsy.  … Continue reading

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Of ancestors and the silk trade

A brief update:  my mother has been researching our ancestry, and tells me that my great-grandmother’s sister Louisa married into a French Huguenot family of silk weavers, who had left France in the 1700s.  They (and successive generations) worked as silk weavers … Continue reading

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More old silk

I spent most of yesterday studying these fabrics in some detail.  One of the things I find most interesting is the width of the cloth.  This one measures 19″ from selvedge to selvedge.  I understand that this was the standard … Continue reading

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Well, I’m not getting much thinking done in my ‘time out’, but I am having a bit of a rest, which is good.  I was fortunate enough to acquire several pieces of antique silk this week, some of it from … Continue reading

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Still on the subject of colour, can you believe HG got this delicate pink from avocado? The photograph really doesn’t do justice to the subtlety of the colour and the lightness of these pieces.  You can see more of them here.  … Continue reading

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