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Still hexing

Look away now if you’re not keen on hexagon patchwork. People seem to either love it or hate it, like other forms of English paper piecing. I just did a couple of these a few weeks ago: And then I … Continue reading

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The weather has been glorious the last two days. I’ve been outside for most of the time, tidying the garden. Plenty of sunshine, fresh air, Spring, birdsong, bees and ladybirds, and not much of this: Sometimes you just have to … Continue reading

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The lace is beginning to rally a little, I think, since being given the support and companionship of some old silk.

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More tambour work

The second sample, this time with the correct tool.  It really does make a difference, much easier to work: This sample (the stitched area) measures about 4″ x 6″.  I think I might make it into some sort of wallet … Continue reading

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Silk Embroidery

is finished… Silk thread on ivory antung silk, from an eighteenth century design.  About 5″ square. My husband bagged this one as a gift for his mum.  I hope she likes it. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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Silk ribbon embroidery

Continuing with my small samples using traditional techniques, I tried some embroidery with silk ribbon.  This was popular in the eighteenth century and then had a bit of a revival in the nineteenth century.  The ribbon I used is 3mm wide, … Continue reading

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Embroidery with silk

It’s many years since I did any real proper grown-up embroidery.  You may remember this fragment of eighteenth century silk fabric: Although this is woven into the fabric rather than embroidered, I really like the tactile quality of the motif. I … Continue reading

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‘Once there was a Flower’ take 2:Better, I think.Now that I have the dimensions and palette sorted, I’ll get on with the other 31 pages. Maybe I’ll have them finished by the end of the year. I think I’ll wait … Continue reading

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Sunshine and Shadow

1st March already. More sunshine stitching:And a little flower border newly planted:And some shadow:A square piece using the rest of the fabrics from Cathy Cullis. The fabrics will be stitched to a background with the raw edges showing. It will … Continue reading

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‘Once There Was a Flower’The beginning of a story. The story is written, but the pictures have yet to be started. This is the first draft of the title page. I’ll do another version, slightly bigger, perhaps with raw edges … Continue reading

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