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#6 – the lace circle

I found an old lace doily while rummaging through my collection of scraps. It’s about 5″ in diameter, and looks as if it’s from the 1960s or so –  nylon, ‘scratchy’ and quite fragile. I’ve cut a 3″ circle from … Continue reading

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Seeing through

The little lace patchwork piece now has a background to support it.  These are all tiny fragments of modern lace, but lace often seems to retain a kind of timelessness so that you can’t always tell how old it is … Continue reading

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On being transparent

Something very fragile about this one.  All lace patchwork, with gaps.  Gaps and holes – the spaces between; the things we don’t say – will be something I’ll be doing more of next year.  Sometimes less is better.

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Becoming more

The lace patchwork cloth grew a little.  You don’t get the full effect in a photograph, but the blue strip along the bottom edge and the lilac torn square are both silk chiffon and therefore semi-transparent, allowing the layers beneath … Continue reading

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Witnessing time

This one is nearly finished.  I just have to secure the edge, which is just the backing folded over to the front. The flowers and leaves are applied; the berries are embroidered.  The stems are hollow ribbon couched down.  This swirly … Continue reading

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Spirit Lace

Thank you, Grace, for naming this old silk lace.  Spirit Lace.  That’s exactly what it feels like: insubstantial, transparent, weightless, and yet with a quiet power carrying the experience of many lives. When I hold this cloth up to the … Continue reading

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Trans [Latin: ‘across’]; lucere [Latin: ‘to shine’]; allowing light to pass through diffusely. Too fragile, though, to keep it like this, so it will live comfortably on a soft layered cloth. The backing is a very old, soft linen, and … Continue reading

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Lace patchwork

Encouraged by the first lace sample, I’m now trying it with patchwork.  Same technique, sandwiching it between fine chiffon, and piecing over paper: These look more opaque than they are because you’re seing them here with white paper behind the … Continue reading

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The lace is beginning to rally a little, I think, since being given the support and companionship of some old silk.

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Recently, I was given a large piece of very old silk lace, measuring about 15″ wide by nearly 2 yards.  It looks as if it might have been some sort of evening wrap, and I’m guessing it might be Edwardian … Continue reading

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