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Recently, I was given a large piece of very old silk lace, measuring about 15″ wide by nearly 2 yards.  It looks as if it might have been some sort of evening wrap, and I’m guessing it might be Edwardian … Continue reading

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The Distaff Side

This is the cloth I made in Jude’s spirit cloth class that began on 15th June, made as a birthday gift for my mother.  The cloth was safely delivered – and warmly received – into its new home today.  It began … Continue reading

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Of ancestors and the silk trade

A brief update:  my mother has been researching our ancestry, and tells me that my great-grandmother’s sister Louisa married into a French Huguenot family of silk weavers, who had left France in the 1700s.  They (and successive generations) worked as silk weavers … Continue reading

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More old silk

I spent most of yesterday studying these fabrics in some detail.  One of the things I find most interesting is the width of the cloth.  This one measures 19″ from selvedge to selvedge.  I understand that this was the standard … Continue reading

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Well, here they are, complete but still nameless. Two little bags, made from fragments of silk applied to a thicker silk backing, all hand stitched, and made into a cylindrical vessel that can be tied up with a twisted cord.  … Continue reading

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In between squares, I’ve been working on this little table runner, which I finished this morning: Inspired by the Japanese boro tradition, it’s made from retired and recycled clothing, hand-dyed and overdyed, and all hand stitched.  The memories of the fabrics themselves … Continue reading

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It’s been a very pleasant three-day break.  Did I rest, relax and do nothing?  Of course I didn’t.  On Thursday I began my fabric swap friendship cloth.  Some of the fabrics that my new blog friends sent me were just … Continue reading

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More white

You might remember the patchwork pattern I posted a few days ago – the one made from freezer paper. This is it after piecing and with some yarn draped over it:I hand pieced the fabrics over paper, using a dark … Continue reading

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I’ve been balancing the beginning of the spinning experience with the completing of two pieces I started last week. The first is ‘Remembering II’ – the second in my series of white pieces made from vintage linens:The background of this … Continue reading

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Today was better. I picked up the random green and yellow piece again today. It resisted everything I tried to do to it, until I realised that the shapes are a collection of memories, and that they are complete in … Continue reading

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