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Becoming more

The lace patchwork cloth grew a little.  You don’t get the full effect in a photograph, but the blue strip along the bottom edge and the lilac torn square are both silk chiffon and therefore semi-transparent, allowing the layers beneath … Continue reading

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Witnessing time

This one is nearly finished.  I just have to secure the edge, which is just the backing folded over to the front. The flowers and leaves are applied; the berries are embroidered.  The stems are hollow ribbon couched down.  This swirly … Continue reading

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Spirit Lace

Thank you, Grace, for naming this old silk lace.  Spirit Lace.  That’s exactly what it feels like: insubstantial, transparent, weightless, and yet with a quiet power carrying the experience of many lives. When I hold this cloth up to the … Continue reading

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Trans [Latin: ‘across’]; lucere [Latin: ‘to shine’]; allowing light to pass through diffusely. Too fragile, though, to keep it like this, so it will live comfortably on a soft layered cloth. The backing is a very old, soft linen, and … Continue reading

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Lace patchwork

Encouraged by the first lace sample, I’m now trying it with patchwork.  Same technique, sandwiching it between fine chiffon, and piecing over paper: These look more opaque than they are because you’re seing them here with white paper behind the … Continue reading

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The lace is beginning to rally a little, I think, since being given the support and companionship of some old silk.

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Recently, I was given a large piece of very old silk lace, measuring about 15″ wide by nearly 2 yards.  It looks as if it might have been some sort of evening wrap, and I’m guessing it might be Edwardian … Continue reading

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More old silk…

I’m delighted to have sent my precious treasures to two new homes this morning (thank you both), and I know that the fabrics will be cherished. I added some old silk to the cloth: The three cream silk hexagons are hand woven, … Continue reading

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Old Silk

This will be the last treasure to enter the shop for a while.  I’d like to share some of my very precious antique silk fabrics.  The fragments of silk are very small – about 2-4″ – and very old, mostly 18th … Continue reading

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And little lace book the second

Very similar to the first, so I won’t repeat unnecessarily here.  Same size, same sort of format, but this one has 12 pages and 10 lace fragments, again from my own personal collection of antique lace.  Still two blank pages … Continue reading

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