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The queen’s red dress (5)

Another sample, this one about 8” square, imagining something around the neckline. This is just collaged silk and cotton fabrics, with some very simple appliqué, embroidery, and couched threads. Still sampling. On the embroidery frame at present, and in progress: … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (4)

Just a small sample, about 3” x 4”: couched threads and simple embroidery on silk. I’m imagining it as the end of a cuff. That picot edging is something that was actually found on one of the Oseberg textiles, made … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (3)

Having now got all the threads in order, I’ve at last made some progress with the second sample. When I say progress, actually I mean finished. It’s often quite surprising, when you set out on a piece of work, that … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (2)

Flying past with a quick update: here is the first sample, which I’m imagining as perhaps a section of the hem of the red dress. Various silk fabrics, with little tassels made from textured yarns. And yes, OK, the Vikings … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (1)

The older of the two women interred in the Oseberg ship was wearing a red dress. She appears to have been important in her community, and, for the purposes of this project, I’m calling her a queen. The first little … Continue reading

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Ragged embroidery

The Oseberg ship burial is the best source found so far for showing what we know about Viking textiles, and in the future I plan to make two entire mixed media books based purely on the finds from Oseberg. For … Continue reading

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Samite silk

One of the best sources for Viking textiles is the Oseberg ship burial, which dates to around 834 AD. Two women were given a splendid burial in a purpose-built chamber on a ship, which was then interred. The grave appears … Continue reading

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Picking up the threads

I’m beginning to feel nearly ready to pick up where I left off, though not quite in the same way. Having completed my PhD, I’m now returning to full-time work. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this, having organised my … Continue reading

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