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The queen’s red dress (3)

Having now got all the threads in order, I’ve at last made some progress with the second sample. When I say progress, actually I mean finished. It’s often quite surprising, when you set out on a piece of work, that … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (1)

The older of the two women interred in the Oseberg ship was wearing a red dress. She appears to have been important in her community, and, for the purposes of this project, I’m calling her a queen. The first little … Continue reading

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Well, I can’t carry on calling it Beardie Quilt, can I? And every artist, at some point in their life, produces something called ‘Untitled’. It turned out all right in the end. I like the back, too: I’ve added this … Continue reading

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Keeping calm

Still quilting Still embroidering Still bearding. Keep calm and carry on.

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Scraps Quilt 2

This is Scraps Quilt 2, which will be a gift and should be finished by the end of the year. This one will be very slightly different from Scraps Quilt 1: This time it’s 7″ blocks. I didn’t like the … Continue reading

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Begun on 1st January 2012; finished on 15th July 2012. Ninety-nine 8″ blocks, hand-pieced from scraps, hand-quilted, joined and bound by hand. Originally I was not going to use binding on this quilt. Many historic and traditional English quilts do … Continue reading

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Slow progress, piece by piece, on putting the scraps quilt together. It’s about half done. A pessimist would say half not-done. A few people were asking about the quilt-as-you-go method and some interesting questions (and answers) were raised: Does the … Continue reading

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99 blocks

This, believe it or not, is a pile (two piles, in fact) of 99 quilted blocks. Each block looks roughly like these: I took a long time deciding what was going where, and who was sitting next to whom, but … Continue reading

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In the round

Organised chaos on the worktable today – more on that later. You might remember these blocks which I pieced by machine (!) from lots of tiny scraps: Well, we had a little conversation – the blocks and me – and … Continue reading

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Still hexing

Look away now if you’re not keen on hexagon patchwork. People seem to either love it or hate it, like other forms of English paper piecing. I just did a couple of these a few weeks ago: And then I … Continue reading

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