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Pages part 2

The second half of the Winter Queen sketchbook; pages are 8″ square, continued from yesterday. The last page from yesterday, with the silk and knitted wire, flips up to reveal this page with its couching samples: This page (below) is … Continue reading

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Pages part 1

Pages from the Winter Queen sketchbook, as requested, to be posted over a couple of days as there are quite a few pictures. Pages are 8″ square, and mostly a mixture of paper, cloth and stitch. You should be able … Continue reading

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Winter in August

Still in the spirit of tidying and finishing, I spent the weekend finally getting round to finishing the cover for a sketchbook I started in January. Not really the season for it, admittedly, although the temperature and rainfall recently have … Continue reading

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Fragments of thoughts, fragments of information, fragments of ideas… everything just a part of something else, part of a bigger picture.  The scale of a thing indicating the importance of its parts. In the great scheme of things, in the … Continue reading

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Pieces of time

I carved my weekend up into pieces of time and accomplished quite a lot. There is a plan. Firstly, I finished this: It looks as if I stitched it at the speed of light, but it was already well under … Continue reading

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Spare moments

I’ve been tidying the workroom following the completion of ‘Moments of Peace’ and ‘Communion’ and gathered together a little crowd of strays. So I think I’ll take a break from the series to make a couple of smaller cloths that … Continue reading

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#30 – the mixed media circle

Paper and cloth aren’t really so different. If you spin cellulose fibres, you get viscose; if you ‘felt’ them you get paper. An over- simplified account, but broadly factual. This circle is made from handmade paper and silk – dupion … Continue reading

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Couture clutch

Hubs and I are going to a wedding in a few days. That means I have to dress like a grown-up and look reasonably ‘nice’. I’m not good at looking like a girl: I spend most of my time in … Continue reading

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#21 – the shibori circle

The background is – of course – an Arlee special. The circle is 3″ diameter, tie-dyed silk. Made by tying a wooden bead into the centre of a silk square and then dyeing with Colorhue silk dyes. I like these … Continue reading

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#17 – the segmented circle

3.5″ diameter, hand-dyed silk, hand-pieced over paper; hand-dyed boucle yarn couched around the edge. The background is silk noil, tea-dyed using redbush. My mother will recall the afternoon last month when I whipped her tea-bag away – I think I … Continue reading

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