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Moon in Winter

Just about got this finished in time for the end of winter, hurtling as we are towards Imbolc tomorrow and the start of spring. Although it’s still cold, there are signs that the earth is waking up from her winter … Continue reading

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A midnight moon

This one – ‘Midnight’ –  was finished over the weekend: a combination of patchwork and applique, with the binding pieced from black and ivory strips; all pieced and stitched by hand, as always. I really don’t think machine stitching is … Continue reading

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Under a velvet moon

I wish you could touch this as well as see it.  Silk velvet has a texture that is like nothing else, and it catches and reflects light in such a subtle but powerful way. The little sparkles in the sky … Continue reading

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Night time

A simple page, three from the end.  Winding down now.  The eye needs to calm down after all the detail and colour of preceding pages.  A page of quiet and rest.

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Picture the wind

When I was very young, I had a story book that depicted the wind as a golden-haired puff-cheeked lad, blowing across the page from the top left hand corner.  I don’t remember the story, or any other illustration in the … Continue reading

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Beyond the Stars

I know this cloth book is taking up all my time at present, and will continue to do so for several more weeks.  I hope that it won’t become tedious for some of you.  I’ve been thinking about this issue a … Continue reading

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Starry starry night

This is a translucent moon (silk organza and handmade paper) sandwiched between two pages, and when the book is bound, the ‘window’ should line up with and fit over yesterday’s moon. There are lots of stars in this sky. It … Continue reading

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Behind the Moon

The moon is a circle made from layered fabrics, covered with crystal organza and white tulle, applied to the layered background.  The page size is 8″ x 10″.

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It is very difficult to mark layers of sheers and synthetics with any kind of pen or pencil, because the layers ‘float’ on top of each other, and shift very slightly if you try to draw any kind of writing implement … Continue reading

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A bird in the hand

The flying bird for the next page had to be worked separately because the layered background is not strong or substantial enough to support so much concentrated stitching in one area.  I drew the outline first on white cotton fabric, quite … Continue reading

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