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Slow progress, piece by piece, on putting the scraps quilt together. It’s about half done. A pessimist would say half not-done. A few people were asking about the quilt-as-you-go method and some interesting questions (and answers) were raised: Does the … Continue reading

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Using it up

I’ve been using up – almost – the last of my wool felt scraps on this square piece of patchwork: The piece measures about 21″ square altogether; felt squares are either 3″ or 1.5″, stitched down to linen foundation. Later … Continue reading

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Square triangles

Some of the little triangles and squares joined together to make 2.5″ blocks. You can see that the spring morning sunlight joined in to make a triangle too. One of the most interesting things about working with a limited number … Continue reading

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(not) cutting corners

Hope no one’s bored with the scraps heap yet. I find it endlessly fascinating. As I sort through tiny pieces, anything larger than about an inch and a half becomes a square or half-square triangle. Unusually for me, these will … Continue reading

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Red, continued

So, the little cloth in progress that you saw yesterday ended up as a basic square of layered patchique (that’s patchwork and applique). This is a really awful photograph, and I apologise for it, but you get the idea: By … Continue reading

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the shape of peace

As I said before, quilting takes a long time, and it’s not going to be very interesting if I just keep posting pictures of each tiny, laborious bit of hand quilting as it happens. It’s also going to be quite … Continue reading

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English paper piecing

Just thought I might write a little today about the process of English paper piecing, following a couple of enquiries last week. This is my favourite kind of patchwork, although it does take longer than piecing without paper. It requires … Continue reading

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Under a patchwork moon

Just another 22″ patchwork circle, using the same freezer paper templates as the yellow/gold one. It’s such a great way to use tiny scraps of fabric; a gathering together of little lost souls. Arlee, do you see some little pieces … Continue reading

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A square circle

The patchwork circle is now finished. Part of the ‘search for peace’ series, it is made up of not quite 250 silk squares, ranging from 2″ to 1/2″, all hand-pieced over paper. I used freezer paper so I think I … Continue reading

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Big circles and tiny squares

Above, 135 1″ squares, ready for piecing into strips – more of which later – and (below)  the plan for a rather ambitious patchwork circle, to be made up of 250 little squares: It’s looking like quite a busy weekend.

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