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After our annual visit to the Jorvik Viking Festival in February, I found myself increasingly fascinated by Viking culture, and specifically with Viking textiles and sewing techniques. I made myself a Viking costume – linen under-dress, linen long-sleeved over-dress, and … Continue reading

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As well as the larger series, which will be quilts, I’ll be working on some smaller pieces, which will be cloths – that is, not quilted. Just bits of cloth and stitch on a cloth ground. Something very honest and … Continue reading

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A Rat’s Tale

Interrupting a busy week to share the story of a rat – and if you hate rats, read on. Perhaps you might change your mind. I don’t normally share a lot of personal or domestic information here, because this is … Continue reading

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One of my favourite bits of Shakespeare, these lines come from Macbeth And last week’s piece is now sitting nicely in its own frame:

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a short story

A couple of bargain frames from the charity shop this week: I removed the bright red plastic gerberas before photographing them. Why on earth would anyone want a pair of unnaturally red gerberas in boxes on their wall? I’m composing … Continue reading

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Stitching the rain

When it rains all day, as it did yesterday, there’s not much else you can do. It rained beads. And it rained stitches. Shouting at the sky didn’t make the slightest difference. So I sat down with some paper and … Continue reading

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New order

It was such a simple idea, really, but I must thank Rachel for her scraps-sorting suggestion: (1) tiny scraps, (2) large scraps and (3) everything else. It works very well, thank you! So you can see that with this system, … Continue reading

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Lines 2

I know, two posts in one day. I have a new camera, and I just wanted to see if anyone can tell the difference (all pictures below are with the new camera; earlier post today was using the old one): … Continue reading

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Still waiting for wool batting; still working on this landscape quilt. The foreground fabric came from an old dip-dyed muslin skirt that belonged to a friend of mine. Doing lines.

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Ring of time

It’s been a week of catching up: correspondence, administration, tidying, sorting, a little parcelling – and I seem to have little to show for it. Running round in circles trying to get everything done, trying – and failing – to … Continue reading

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