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The attendant’s blue dress (2)

I see it’s been a while since I attended to this. Busy with other things. It’s tempting to think of an attendant as a servant, and therefore having very plain clothes, but where would be the fun in that? My … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (3)

Having now got all the threads in order, I’ve at last made some progress with the second sample. When I say progress, actually I mean finished. It’s often quite surprising, when you set out on a piece of work, that … Continue reading

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The queen’s red dress (2)

Flying past with a quick update: here is the first sample, which I’m imagining as perhaps a section of the hem of the red dress. Various silk fabrics, with little tassels made from textured yarns. And yes, OK, the Vikings … Continue reading

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The other bird

Before you do anything else, you need to go and read Nora’s account of the original bird: click HERE. I don’t usually say much about commissioned work here. For one thing, I hardly ever do commission work, and for another, … Continue reading

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Looking back

I usually find that this is a good time of year for looking back as well as looking forward, like Janus. Yesterday we cleared out the loft, primarily in preparation for the move but also just to see what was … Continue reading

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The final four

I can hardly believe it, but here we are. They’re all done. The finalists: #34 – the painted grid: This is a 2″ circle of rug canvas, painted with acrylics and stitched to hand-dyed linen damask. #35 – the old … Continue reading

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Four circles

The blog has a little catching up to do, so I’m posting a circle bonanza. Today – for one day only – you get four for the price of one. These, if you remember, form part of a set of … Continue reading

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I hung it up in the workroom. Layered sheers are almost impossible to photograph because the light changes the colour, depending on your angle and viewpoint. Depending on your perspective, in fact. Ha. The central circle measures about 21″ in … Continue reading

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Stitching land

Well, so much for ‘oh this will be really simple, just a few quilted lines.’ There are a few quilted lines: But mostly it’s become a lot more complicated than that. This, of course, is ‘Perspective’, another square/circle quilt. There … Continue reading

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#18 – the shadow applique circle

My favourite so far, I think. Silk organza over 2.5″ circle of loose-weave cotton print. It’s always a little disconcerting how a photograph of work seems to show up imperfections in a way that the actual work doesn’t. I see … Continue reading

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