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Thank you…

… for the encouragement and validation. In our society, the concept of ‘work’ usually means something meaningful, useful and valuable; an occupation that in some way ‘helps’ others and carries some sort of monetary reward in exchange. Art is notably … Continue reading

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A post script on quilting and imperfection

I thought I might add one or two points, further to yesterday’s post and comments. I don’t use a thimble for quilting, despite having quite a few different kinds. I have a leather thimble as well as various metal ones. … Continue reading

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the shape of peace

As I said before, quilting takes a long time, and it’s not going to be very interesting if I just keep posting pictures of each tiny, laborious bit of hand quilting as it happens. It’s also going to be quite … Continue reading

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The plan

Yes, there is a plan.  Actually, there are two plans: one short term (now until January) and one long term (2011).  The short term plan is to do very little.  This week I have a birthday; next week my husband … Continue reading

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Now that the pages are complete, it will just be a matter of stitching them together, then hemming and backing the cloth before folding it into a concertina-type book for storage.  I’ll probably make some sort of wrapping cloth for … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams while working on these cloth pages.  I’ve been thinking about where they come from, and whether they mean anything.  I used to believe that everything meant something, but now I’m not so sure.  … Continue reading

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Spinning a question

This little spindle will hang from the cloth book as a representation of the spinning of a dream.  It’s made from a bit of kebab stick and a flat bead, with silk thread wrapped around it.  The finger is there … Continue reading

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Beyond the Stars

I know this cloth book is taking up all my time at present, and will continue to do so for several more weeks.  I hope that it won’t become tedious for some of you.  I’ve been thinking about this issue a … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

As I mentioned yesterday, couching travelled the furthest.  But I disqualified it on the grounds that it needed another thread to hold it down – so actually it uses twice as much thread as anything else.  It travelled 12.5″.  Running stitch … Continue reading

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What kind of stitch

Running stitch – so old, so basic, but still one of the best. It’s honest, trustworthy and it works hard. It’s strong and capable, simple yet effective.  You can rely on running stitch to just get on with the job … Continue reading

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